The TRUTH, the whole TRUTH & nothing but the TRUTH!!!

If you want to be honest about a situation you 1st need to be truthful about the whole situation! You can make people who don't know all the facts believe you at your word. For the people who know the situation fully they can only stand back and wonder what happened to your integrity? Your word is no longer valid and is now meaningless. Making someone clear up their name and defend themselves is just as manipulative as claiming the other person to be.

That's my thought for the day!

Sending peace & love out to all my friends.  


Beware: I’m thinking.........

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So, I've been thinking about actions verses what we say lately. I've always believed in "actions speak louder than words".....and I have to admit that it's always been true in my life. I try to live by it. I may not always immediately follow through on what I say I'm going to do, since life happens when you make plans but I at least follow through with it if things happen out of my control.

I guess what I'm finding is that I'm disappointed with the least likely individuals.     



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Bye, bye Little Grrl

Bye, bye Little Grrl
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So, I got up late and was rushing to go to work & was about to feed my ferrets when I saw her. She was just sprawled out on the cage floor with one little paw sticking out through the bars. I rubbed her little head thinking that she was just sleeping in a dramatic pose (she was always a dramatic for a ferret), but that was of course me lying to myself. She was dead and had been for a few hours since she was a little stiff. I started bawling like a 6 year old!!! I'm still crying.......gawd what a puttz!!!! So, I called out and went into the backyard to find a nice spot to bury her. She's between Sid and Iggy back there. I feel really horriable! I know it's just a ferret....but I've had her for about 8 years. That's longer than any relationship I've ever been in. As far as I know she just died.........she hasn't been sick....she wasn't in pain.....she was being her scrappy self trying to escape the cage a few days ago. I'm gonna miss her stinky face....bye,bye Lil'Grrl.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

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So yesterday I hung out with my buddy Micah. We rode our bicycles down to the Renwick Museum to check out the last day of the Arts & Crafts exhibit. It was awesome!!! This one lady....can't think of her name...did this really cool "still life" using blown glass as her medium. It was amazing!!! She had this huge dinning table filled with blown glass objects. It was a banquet of glass!!! It included a pigs head, a dead hare, some large mice (rats) eating cheese, half full glasses filled with glass (not crushed or broken  but solid glass blown that way) glass table cloths, glass knives, bowls filled with was completely undescribable!!! The only problem was that you couldn't take pictures which really sucked because I really would have loved to take a lot of pictures of her work. There was another exhibit...of another lady that I forgot her name...who did these really cool large sculptures of  animals. She incorporated human emotions of different situation & used the aniamls to convey that expirence. It was really really freeking cool. Again, no pictures were allowed. We than went up to the 2nd level & in the main room, which is ginormous, is full of portraits of Native Americans........there are hundreds of them!!!! Again, it was they allowed pictures so I snapped a few.....I took a few of the ones that caught my eye & also were at eye level to me. After we walked around a little bit more we decided it was time to eat. It's been a tradition for Micah & I to get us some Chipotle everytime we ride our bikes. Mmmm, that stuff will clean you out for sure! We rode on down to M street & had ourselves some good burning Chipotle! After baking in the sun & eating our meal of goodness we hopped back on our bikes & headed towards Chinatown for a quick tour of the Museum down there. They added a few new paintings & had a exhibit of Sean Scully's work, which is why we went down there. I'm not gonna get into too much of what we did there but it was worth the trip. After that we headed back to Dupont Circle & decided to pick up some Gatorade on the way. We chilled in the park all afternoon drinking our juice but Micah forgot our was still good. A lot of homeless people were out & about that day....a lot of ladies too. Micah knitted while I took a few picutres....we eventually made friends with a girl with a hoolahoop & I got some nice pictures of her rocking the hoop. At around 5pm we called it a day & I headed back to Silver Spring. Once I got home I jumped in the shower so I could go to the grocery store. I stank & I needed some food! Why, am I writting about the grocery store right? Well, after enjoying my "clueless" shopping spree ( I never know what to buy) I got in line to check out. I looked over at the cashier & was a good way... to see that the cashier was a Tranny. She had her hair pulled up & had her green work hat neasting on top of her bun, she was about 6'5' & latina. Under her heavy make-up I could also see the 5'o'clock shadow coming in & noticed a nice strip of whiskers she missed. I'm not being mean in my description or was I scrutinzing her at the time. I was doing a quick observation of her like I normally do to most pepople. I don't realize I do it but beacuse I do it on a daily basis for work it's something that I automatically do. She was very chatting with the old white woman in front of me....& was very nice to her. I was surprised, again, at how her attitude changed when I rolled up to her. I didn't get a peep out of her & she never really looked at me. What the hell!!! An old white man rolled up behind me & she was all smiles & chatty to him....& she wasn't even done ringing me up yet. I don't know....I was confused?!? I couldn't figure it out but I started to get worried when she started tossing my bags (kapunk!) in the cart. All I cared about was....don't break my eggs lady!!!! Anyway, the transaction was done & I walked away feeling dejected! What was it.......was it because I was latina too???....that I wasn't old & white????.....maybe because she knew I was queer, I was in my sexy t-shirt, jeans & Chucks attire....or was it my aura???? were my chakras off kilter???? I don't know???....after walking to my car feeling queer but not "queer" I loaded up my car, got inside & started my car up....Erasure was pumping on my stero....I sat there & realized again that I don't know much about human nature & what the hell motivates us??? What I do know is: always smile at the bar....bartenders serve you quicker than the scmuck waving his $20 & yelling at the bartender (smiling works on any occasion...I sometimes forget to), try not to talk about death too's a downer & we all know we're going to die!!! Sometimes, when your drunk that subject comes up, but most people pay no mind to such talk.. your drunk you can almost get away with saying anything when your drunk!!!! Which brings up another thing I know, never, ever, ever tell someone you love them when your drunk!!!! I don't care if it's the truth or the beer googles talkin' it is a big no no & people will hold you accountable on that statement!!!! So don't do it!!! Although, you can say "I love you" to your best mate. It's ok but only because they know it's drunk talk! You grope them & try to kiss them than your in the same boat as before! So keep your hands to yourself!!! By the way, I don't recall ever groping any of my friends......if I did I was really tanked & don't recall ever doing it!!! And I mean trashed!!!! And one last thing that holds true in any part of the world is............. that  music makes the world go round!!!! Thanks Erasure!!!!

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I find myself wondering about certain situations and if maybe it's time for me to reconcider what is more important. Yes, I'm vague on the situation. In fact none of this is going to make sense without me getting into it. I just feel that other people get so wrapped up into themselves that they forget that other people exist. I'm aware enough to know that any serious decisions I make will effect other people. Unfortunatley, that's not how the world works & it's all about instant gratification & the quick fix to happiness. But I think that maybe it's better to figure out what we do & don't want & not just settle for what's thrown in front of us. Maybe reflecting on what is broken & why it broke is more important than filling in a hole just because it's empty. Is moving on the answer or just a quick fix? This pertains to a lot of things going on for me.....even though this may not make sense I guess what I'm basically doing is reflecting on these things.

Freeky with the house cleaning

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Freeky with the house cleaning
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Ya, I got Lily Allen on right now....I'm grooving while I'm doing the house the skeevies on & the beater....I'm hot!Seriously, it's freakin' hot in my house!!!! I needed to take a break from cleaning out the ferret cage....I'm so allergic to them! Snot is not sexy....unless your Sid Vicious!


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Fiends and Enemas Deuce

Heeding the advice of 2 amazing ladies, I agree with you both! Yes, this is very petty to post something to the public. Like I said, it's not often that I post anything unless it's about the DU HAUST!!!! JK! This isn't about who's right or wrong or picking & choosing sides. It's rare that I run around in the same circle of friends that others do. It's easy for me to look through people as if they don't exist when I'm in a situation were "personalities" clash. The last thing I would do is fuck with them in that situation. It's not in my character and I can't stand the drama!!! But what I won't tolerate is someone believeing that I would intentionaly go out of my way to destroy their property and not have the decency to ask me to my face. Espeacially if your in my house 3 feet away from me. There's always the phone or internet if your not comfortable confronting someone in person. Believe it or not I have no ill will towards this individual, I wish her the happiness we all deserve and good health to prevail over all our inner demons!!!  
Anywayzzz, for those who are starting to feel uncomfortable I truly apologize to you all. Email me if you have questions or feelings that need to be bleed!!!!!! Blooooood...............................oh schizah, I have a dentist appointment in a few hours?!!!

p.s. this "spell check" can't spell!!!    

Fiends and Enemas

It's not often that I post anything on LJ but today is a special special day for me. Yes it is and I have someone just as special to thank. So thank you! Thank you for thinking so low of me to actually do something that is very FUCKED UP , but yet don't have the cajones to ask me about it while standing in my house. Yes you know who you are! I'm sure you have your fact I bet they're great ones too! The truth is I didn't do that to your car. Think what you want about me, I don't care & never did!!!! So why write this if I don't care? Well, I'm a lot of things good & bad just like you & everyone else on this planet!!!! But do know this, I do have character & integrity!!!! If your going to bad mouth me to everyone or no one, get your facts straight before you jump to conclusions & blame me for something I didn't do!!!  Oh wait, I guess your thinking "where there's smoke there's fire" not me, sorry to disappoint! The only animosity I hold towards you is the fact that you physically crossed a line with someone I deeply care about. I can't forgive that but I would never act upon it in that manner. So please, don't use me as your current excuse to alienate & eliminate your "friendship" with someone, because you can't trust them anymore. The reason being who he associates with or at least that's how I hear it! Find a valid reason other than who he assoicates know, people all over the world have friends that their "other" friends can't tolerate yet somehow make it work. Either be his friend/acquaintance or don't!!! It's that simple just don't drag me into your messy little tiffs. You invest way too much energy into them....speaking of wasted energy!!! So, to quote Joan Jett and end this rant.... " I don't give damn about my bad reputation!!!"

p.s. I held 2 things in my hand that night....1. a red cup of diet ginger ale (which I drank) and 2. my flask, which had whisky(and which I drank).

If for some odd reason anyone has any questions about this odd rant/post, you can make a comment or email me at:
sidsnotdead at gmail dot com